My son, Jake, had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. We are trying the prescription medicine method, but we are not happy with the side effects that occur. With Network, Jake has made a visible attitude change. He is much more in control of his emotions, compared when he was on the prescription medicine. I see him “analyzing” situations, rather than “reacting” to situations. One example is – at baseball one of his teammates was bullying him and flipped his hat off his head. Instead of pushing the boy or getting very upset, Jake simply picked up his hat, told the boy that was childish and went back to his position.
– JJ

Network is amazing! At first I was skeptical about the various stages and life changes. Well, I can tell you first hand, it does happen. I now can almost separate myself from a situation, analyze it and make such logical conclusions and decisions. It seems so natural now; I find it hard to believe that I didn’t think like that before. Most importantly, I can manage my pain so much better. After living with back pain for years, now I can deal with my pain and understand how to lessen it.
– TJ

Following a friend’s referral, I begin treatment with Dr. Kim Miller for chronic neck and shoulder pain. The results have been very noticeable. The burning, aching sensation has diminished greatly and the range of motion has improved. I’m able to check traffic while driving by turning my head and not my entire upper torso. Additionally I’m finding I feel calmer in situations I used to find very stressful. Thank you Dr. Miller.


I am 76-year-old male. I have been fighting rheumatoid arthritis for 30 plus years. I was having some back/leg pain when I called Dr. Kim to see if he could help me. He found that I had one leg shorter than the other, which he corrected. Dr. Kim also helped my back. Due to my rheumatoid arthritis I needed neck surgery three years ago. That surgery has left the back of my neck feeling like a piece of dried out leather. That leather feeling has all but disappeared after several months of Network care. And the most important thing is I’m feeling much better.
– R.C.

My wife Cathy has been receiving treatments for her back/osteoporosis by Dr. Kim Miller at the Wellness Sport and Spine/Southern Tier Network Spinal Analysis. Since Dr. Miller has been treating Cathy she stands straighter, sits straighter and has gained a little over an inch in height.
– RH

In May of 2002 I began Network treatments. I was experiencing a lot of stress, undiagnosed medical problems and feelings of hopelessness. Since I began Network I have experienced the ability to stay focused and have hope. I don’t fear waking up in the morning to a stiff neck with spasms. I’m making healthier decisions and drawing healthier people into my life. I’m noticeably more physically agile and I am finding that I’m much calmer in situations that used to almost immobilize me.

It has been a subtle progressive transition that enhances my physical and emotional growth. My desperation took me here, the peace and comfort I feel will keep me with Network and SRI treatments.
– FM

I continue with Network Chiropractic care because I feel its benefits in subtle ways and understand that it is a natural pathway to healing both physically and emotionally. Many times after an Entrainment there is an amazing feeling of relaxation and positivity.

An injured ankle has become more flexible and stronger and this has been facilitated my yoga poses. My massage therapist feels more fluidity and release through a spine that was once extremely rigid.

There is a rhythm within me, and NSA facilitates the ultimate connection of my body and mind. I’m grateful to have found this.
– S.A.

I have degenerative disc disease in my spine. In fact, there is no disc in a section of my spine. Before treatment started with Dr. Kim Miller, I was in constant pain. Walking was difficult. It seemed back surgery was the only answer. Today, I am pain free much of the time. I rarely have any severe pain and when I do, I have learned how to adjust my posture and do a few simple exercises to alleviate or reduce the pain. Along with regular visits to Wellness Sport & Spine and easy every day practices, I am living almost pain free with a whole new meaning to life.
– PB

Since I started a regular program with Network, I have noticed a dramatic effect on my asthma. I have been an asthmatic since childhood with daily medications and inhalers. Unfortunately, usually 2 – 3 times a year, my asthma would become so severe that I would need steroids to control it, in addition to other medications. I have been hospitalized 2 separate times for uncontrollable asthma. Now, thankfully, I have been able to go completely off my steroid inhaler, and the use of my rescue inhaler has dramatically dropped. I even went 13 straight weeks without using any inhalers while on Network. I have learned to “breath through” several asthma attacks, or reduce the severity by using my Network skills. I can even see or predict what will cause an attack. Thanks to Network, I breath easier each day!
– TS